Custom Orders and Alteration requests

steps for custom orders:

1. First, fill out the PDF form,and email it to me or a price estimate


  make the subject of the email is: (your name) request 

2. Once we agree on a payment plan, and clarified request we can set a first time for meeting in person, or call on the phone. ​

3. First meeting or call: take measurements, select fabrics, and discuss more details

4. patterning/ drafting 

5. sample/ muslin 

6. One or more fitting to ensure satisfaction with the garment

7. alterations/ adjustments

8. finishings (buttons, buttonholes, drawstrings, tags, hems,etc.)


9. complete garment


I do payments in segments throughout the process of making custom orders. Custom orders will tend to be more expensive, but I aim to make it accessible. 


If you feel like you can't afford the item with the estimate I gave please let me know! I can rework the design to be simpler and we try to figure something out.  

with custom orders, I offer FREE small repairs on anything you bring in. 

Repairs/ alterations offered 

prices starting at 5$ (free with a custom order)

* hemming pants

* fitting garments

* fixing holes (knits and woven) 

* fix zippers 

* making thing smaller or larger

* shortening sleeves

* shortening dresses

* combining two or more articles of clothing for a 

  semi-custom garment.

* changing buttons 

* patches 

* preventative reinforcement on forming holes